Some Other War

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Publisher: Catnip Publishing

Seventeen-year-old twins Alice and Jack work at the mansion of the Morland family - Alice as a chambermaid and Jack as a groom. With the outbreak of the First World War, Jack volunteers to join the army and their lives are changed completely.

When Alice meets the progressive thinking Lorna Sidgwick, she decides that she too will volunteer to train as a VAD nurse.

The newspapers report victories and the families at home think their men are heroes fighting for their King and Country. Alice and Jack soon discover that the experience of war is far from the adventures portrayed in newspapers. They see the reality of bungled decisions, maiming and disfigurement and the endless slaughter - all of which belong to some other war.

Beautifully written, the book's gritty realism portrays the unpleasantness and tragedy of this war.

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