Some Kid Lived Here & Other Stories

Publisher: Sigongsa Co., Ltd.


Sometimes there are strange worlds lurking inside our everyday lives. Sometimes our 'normal' everyday lives turn out to be anything but. This collection of five stories contains a range of eerie and unsettling variations on the theme of the ordinary.

In Some Kid Lived Here, a lone kid roams undetected from home to home with nowhere to call his own, and leaves a trail of notes which bring his unwitting hosts closer together. Adult Younger Brother depicts Haru's younger brother, a toddler who secretly loves to drink coffee and listen to his uncle play acoustic guitar. In Non-existent Me, Bean tells his story of growing up invisible.

Adorable child model, Laura, finds herself in a mysterious world where being cute is no longer important in Laura was Cute. And finally, we meet kids whose dads live inside pieces of smart leather and aluminium luggage; they force them out of their bags and into the world so they can teach them how to play in the story Left Luggage.

Original Title: 어떤 아이가!

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