Some Days

Publisher: Sterling


Some days are 'chocolate pudding pie days' and some days are 'Need my mommy now days'. From the 'waiting at the store days’ to the ‘going for dessert days’, all the emotions are covered in this sing-song rhyming poem about the ordinary and extraordinary days that are part of growing up.

The simple text is clear and easy to read, paired with brightly coloured vibrant illustrations that are cute and appealing. Children will have fun recognising what type of day they’re having and this could be a useful tool in helping children communicate their feelings and emotions. It would also make a great project for some creative writing at home or in a classroom setting.

It’s nice to know that despite all the ‘playing on my own days’ and ‘feeling kind of mad days’ there are more ‘angels in the snow days’ and ‘getting all dressed up days’ –and that they’re all ‘Learning to be me days’. 

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