Soldier Dog

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Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

It's 1917 and Stanley Ryder is one of many young boys enlisting in the army in spite of the fact that he is underage. Leaving his difficult family life behind him, he is soon assigned to working with messenger dogs and is drafted to the Western Front.

Here, amidst the shelling and gas attacks of the front line, the deep bond between Stanley and his dogs is tested to the limit. But will their loyalty extend to making the ultimate sacrifice in order to save countless lives?

This touching and harrowing story is based on real events, and explores a little-known but vital aspect of communication during World War I. Offering some insight into the complexity of life and relationships at a pivotal time in our history, this book would make a useful tool for teaching the history of World War I, as well as being an engaging and emotive story in its own right.

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