Solace of the Road

Publisher: David Fickling Books

Holly Hogan, 'delinquent care-babe with a crack-pot past' is trying to settle with yet another set of foster parents, but Ray and Rachel's neat, ordered life is uncomfortable and stifling.

Then she finds the blonde wig. When she puts it on, plain old Holly disappears, transformed into beautiful, stylish, sassy Solace.

Solace sets out, following the A40 from London to the edge of Britain, destination: Ireland, to find her ‘real’ mum. As the road unfurls forwards into her future, Holly’s memory starts to replay her past, leading her backwards on a painful journey of self-discovery.

Damaged, indomitable, Solace's voice unforgettable: in this beautifully crafted novel, each detail is there for a reason, building into a densely woven, intense, utterly absorbing narrative.

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