Snow White and Rose Red

Publisher: Penguin

Snow White and Rose Red live in an isolated cottage in the middle of the forest with their widowed mother. One wintry night there is a knock at the door and they discover a bear standing in the doorway.

Invited in to warm himself by the fire, he continues to visit them every evening throughout the winter; when spring arrives, the bear goes on his way. This is not the last that Snow White and Rose Red see of the bear, but in the meantime they have one or two adventures of their own!

Bernadette Watts has illustrated several Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen tales (Including Rumplestiltskin, also published by North-South) and is the sole UK participant in the Hans Christian Andersen Bicentennial project. Her vibrant illustrations bring this magical tale to life and allow the humour of the story to unfold. This is a large-format book, which is ideal for reading aloud.

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