Smelly Louie

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Publisher: Macmillan

Louie smelt of apple blossom and roses.  He was not happy at all. Louie's special smell had completely disappeared - he had to find it! In the garden, Louie found a smelly fox and a smelly boot. Mmmm, that was better. Some stinky bins overflowing with mouldy food smelt yummy. But where was his own special smell?

Suddenly he remembered the pongy pond! Louie leapt in, he sploshed and rolled and wallowed. At last - his special smell was back! But back at home there was a terrible smell...stinky roses and horrible apple blossom. Poor Louie!

A laugh-out-loud story about an endearingly scruffy dog who is only happy when he smells like mouldy cheese and slimy sludge.

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