Smell My Foot: A Chick and Brain Book

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Publisher: Walker Books

Chick, Spot and Brain are friends. Despite his name, Brain is maybe not the smartest, and so Chick spends quite a lot of time explaining things to him, like how to use please and thank you when you’re asking people to smell your foot, or asking for the pepper when you’re eating lunch. It’s an uphill struggle, but Chick is up to the task.

Perfect for fans of Catwad, Dog Man and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Cece Bell’s very simple comic book is told in four short chapters, and with about four comic book cells (squares) to the page, it’s a quick read too. The ongoing joke about Brain wanting everyone to smell his (surprisingly nice) feet is straightforward and silly and it’s exactly the kind of thing kids of about 5-8 will find hilarious. This is designed as a kind of comic early reader for kids who are just starting to read independently so it’s great practice - and a reminder that please and thank you never goes amiss, either.

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