Publisher: Welbeck Editions

A wealth of information is packed into this fascinating non-fiction picture book, which is cleverly designed as two volumes in one. The first half is about the sky during the daytime and discusses topics such as how big it is and why it is blue. Ancient beliefs are explored, including the idea that the sky was a solid dome, which sat atop the flat earth. Children will also learn about the solar system and how rain, snow, sleet, hail and rainbows are formed.

When they reach the middle of the book, readers must turn it upside-down and start again from the back cover, where they will discover further facts about the night sky. There are sections on the stars, lunar cycles, space travel and light pollution. Experiments and activities for children to try are suggested throughout, for example, creating a cloud in a jar or launching a simple, handmade rocket.

Full-page artwork beautifully illustrates the text and each page contains just the right level of detail to engage and inform. Perfect for use in schools, this unusual book will delight anyone who is interested in the many wonders which can be found just above our heads.

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