Sixes and Sevens

Publisher: Andersen Press

A comic counting book follows Barnaby and his raft on a ten-stop journey to Limber Lea. At each village Barnaby has to collect something and his mother advises him that if he has any difficulties, he should look in his big box. As his cargo includes a kitten, two mice, three schoolmistresses, four schoolboys, five monkeys, six parrots, seven dogs, eight snakes, nine frogs and ten grasshoppers, Barnaby has to look in his box quite frequently! 

Quentin Blake's unmistakable illustrations capture every challenge on Barnaby's trip up the river with characteristic humour and inventiveness. On arrival at Limber Lea, every member of his chaotic cargo is claimed and Barnaby floats back home. An offbeat counting book which will be recited in homes all over the world.

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