Siege and Storm

Publisher: Indigo

In the second installment of  Bardguo's young adult fantasy series, Alina has left her life amongst the Grisha behind her, escaping to an unfamilliar land with Mal. But her new life is tough, and keeping her identity as the Sun Summoner a secret proves more difficult than she had expected, and soon, she finds herself once more in danger. Meanwhile, the Darkling has returned from the Fold possessed with a terrifying new power...

Before long, Alina finds herself returning to the country she abandoned, joining forces with an unlikely ally in the shape of a notorious privateer to fight the dangerous forces that are gathering. Yet as she is drawn back into the fight - and as her own powers grow - Alina finds herself getting drawn deeper and deeper into the Darkling's game of forbidden magic - and moving further and further away from Mal.

Blending romance, magic and adventure, Siege and Storm is certain to appeal to fans of the first book in Bardugo's trilogy, Shadow and Bone. The world of Ravka is beautifully detailed, and there are plenty of surprises and twists and turns which will leave readers eager for the final volume of Alina's story.

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