Publisher: Simon and Schuster


When a group of mismatched teenagers are kept back for detention they discover they are the only survivors of a strange power shift that leaves their town empty of people. While they try to figure out what is happening, they come across super powered and violent versions of themselves, bent on destruction. If they are ever to get back to normal life, they must overlook their differences and work together to save themselves.

A refreshingly original take on the popular 'teenagers surviving apocalypse' theme, this is a fast paced and thrilling read. With an eclectic mix of recognisable teenage characters, plenty of dark humour and lots of tension, this is a really enjoyable and exciting page turner.

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A moon-based sci-fi action thriller constructed around Earth's ever-increasing demand for cheap energy. It has some relevant and thought-provoking content about excessive consumption, corporate greed and the corrupting effects of power.

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