Sequin and Stitch

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Publisher: Barrington Stoke

Nine-year-old Sequin’s mum is a dressmaker, sewing beautiful gowns for top designers in London who take all the credit – and money - for her creations. Sequin tries to persuade her mum that she should have more confidence in her work, but her agoraphobic mum has low self-esteem. When Sequin does a presentation at school about her mum’s amazing work, no-one even believes her.

One day, though, everything changes – Sequin’s mum is asked to make the Princess’ wedding dress! It has to be top secret, because if anyone catches a glance of the dress or knows who’s making it, it will be ruined. And when it turns out that the princess is going to come to the flat to try the dress on in person, Sequin is beside herself with excitement.

Yet, when a horrible disaster comes out of the blue, it feels like everything is lost – but Sequin realises that the most important things in her life are safe and sound, and it’s the love that stitches her and her mum together that will never disappear.

Laura Dockrill has created a poignant, touching story about the love between a little girl and her mum, full of her trademark quirky voice and brilliant ability to depict the minds of kids.

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