Season of the Witch: A Spellbinding History of Witches and Other Magical Folk

Publisher: Flying Eye Books

Cultures all over the world, both now and in the past, have believed and do believe in magic. Different cultures have their own magical traditions, from the vodou traditions of Haiti and the brujeria of Central America, which, along with modern witchcraft descended from Gerald Gardner’s Wicca, are alive and well. Other magical practices such as herbalism (used in the legend of Circe in Greek myth) are also still used – though in rather a different way to medieval times, when dung was favoured as an ingredient!

This beautifully illustrated book provides an introduction to a variety of magical cultures, some of which are reasonably well known, such as the ancient Egyptian preparation for the afterlife, and some of which are perhaps less famous. Including short profiles of some famous magic users (because not all “magic” is associated with witches), from Rasputin to Marie Laveau, Season of the Witch provides an intriguing introduction into a world of cultural practices which are less “spooky” and more part of the belief structure of a certain people.

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