Say No to the Dress

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

Miri isn’t quite sure what happened. Until last year she was small, slim and, best of all, completely flat-chested. She had been happy, normal and a promising gymnast. Then puberty mugged her.

Now taller, randomly spotty and with breasts that are out of control, she feels awkward, embarrassed and out of place. She copes by hiding under baggy joggers and hoodies which works well until the nightmare of two weddings where she is expected to be bridesmaid.

As she tries to navigate the trauma of pink satin and frills, Miri gradually wakes up to the fact that ‘different’ doesn’t have to mean ‘worse’. She just needs to give herself time to make sense of who she is as a young adult.

A refreshingly honest and witty account of how one girl goes into battle with the changes in her body but works out that a peace treaty is often the best way to resolve conflict.

Presented in a super-readable format, Miri’s experiences will resonate with many young women and show the funny side of the transition to adulthood. Exploring themes of friendship, confidence and body positivity, this accessible story also deals sensitively with complex family relationships.

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