Saving Winslow

Publisher: Guppy Books

No-one thinks the newborn donkey will survive. No-one except Louie. He accepts the challenge of raising Winslow, the tiny, helpless creature that his Uncle Pete brought from his farm. As Winslow grows, Louie misses his brother Gus who is away in the army, and forges a friendship with awkward, pessimistic Nora, who can't understand the point in loving something if it's just going to be taken away by death or time - but out of the story, an answer full of quiet hope emerges.

Sharon Creech's books are full of an understated elegance that perfectly captures children’s emotional lives, and her ability to paint a full, rounded character in just a few lines of dialogue and description is breathtaking. Saving Winslow fearlessly confronts the emotional lives of children, without ever talking down to its young audience.

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