Santa Claude

Publisher: Hodder

It's Christmas Eve and Mr and Mrs Shinyshoes have gone to a party, leaving Claude and the curler-wearing Sir Bobblysock at home alone. But when Claude hears a funny noise downstairs, it's not a burglar he finds, but Santa Claus himself!

Unfortunately, he's already handcuffed Santa to a chair and now he can't find the key, meaning that Claude and Sir Bobblysock (who'd really rather be at home in his cosy bedjacket) have to try and deliver all the presents on Santa's behalf. Luckily, a combination of PC Anne Cuffs's help and Sir Bobblysock's bobby pin help win the day.

With plenty of panache, puns and Christmassy fun, this festive adventure from everyone's favourite beret-wearing dog is a perfect addition to your Claude collection - or a brilliant introduction to Waggy Avenue.

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