Santa Baby

Publisher: Bloomsbury

It's Christmas Eve and Santa Baby and little Roo couldn't be more excited. Santa Claus is preparing to depart on the biggest sleigh ride of the year, and they're certain they'll be joining him.

Climbing eagerly aboard the brimming sleigh, Santa Baby and Roo are dismayed to discover they're not quite yet old enough or big enough to be taken on this annual adventure across the globe.

Resigned to spending the night before Christmas at home and missing all the fun, Santa Baby and Roo glumly retreat to their room. But wait! What is this? Could it be that Santa Baby and Roo have discovered their very own vital Christmas mission after all? And it could be every bit as essential for getting presents to children as Santa's...

Smitri Prasadam-Halls and Ada Grey have created the most delightful and exciting Christmas adventure story. It is jam-packed with colourful pictures and charmingly humorous rhyme. Sensitively charting the frustration of not being old or big enough to join in the fun, this versatile picture book is great for sharing. It will enthral children young and old.

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