Publisher: Corgi Children's

The squabbling Norse gods and goddesses are back in the second book in this intelligent and humorous fantasy series by Joanne Harris.

Runemarks ended with heroine Maddy Smith having defeated The Order, but with the gods in chaos, the breach between the worlds remaining desperately fragile, and Asgard in need of rebuilding. Runelight introduces us to a new character, Maggie Rede, living amongst the ruins of Universal City. Like Maddy, Maggie bears a runemark, and discovers she is destined to rid the world of Chaos, embarking on terrifying journeys into the world of Dream. But Maddy and Maggie believe themselves enemies. Can they discover what links them, and join forces to stop the approaching Apocalypse?

Funny, smart and fast-moving, this is a deft interweaving of traditional Norse myths with a modern fantasy adventure.

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