Run, Jimmy, Run

Publisher: A&C Black

Dax is a consummate bully, Jimmy his victim. Fear of Dax dominates Jimmy’s life, even his dreams; he never stops running. Tired of fear, Jimmy takes £150 and runs away, only to find Dax on the train. Can Jimmy ever escape Dax? 

So the chase begins again, dashing down train carriages, onto buses, across shopping centres, through busy streets. Frantic, Jimmy darts through the traffic; suddenly there’s a dreadful sound, and Jimmy sees Dax’s body lying in the road.   Should he carry on running – or go and help?

Aimed at struggling older readers, short, simple words and uncomplicated sentence structures skilfully create a truly menacing atmosphere and real tension in this subtle exploration of the all-consuming, violent, complex and shifting relationship between bully and bullied.

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