Rumble Tumble

Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books

Bear is out walking but his attention is focused on the large sandwich he is about to eat, rather than where he is going. He trips over a rock and tumbles down the hill, taking all manner of unsuspecting creatures with him. There are lots of tears as they end up in a jumble at the bottom, but kindly Bear has a solution to make everyone feel better.

Bold, vibrant artwork will capture the attention of young children as they turn the flaps to reveal the next part of the tale. Throughout the book are visual clues as to what happens next, which will help toddlers develop prediction skills and their understanding of how a story is sequenced. Children will love joining in with the onomatopoeic words, such as the ‘bump’ and ‘flump’ of Bear’s stumble, the ‘buzz, buzz’ of the bees as their hive is disturbed, and the resounding ‘oof’ as everyone lands in a heap at the foot of the hill.

Funny and heart-warming, this entertaining picture book for preschoolers explores the familiar experience of falling over, and is ideal to encourage language and storytelling development.

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