Ruby Redfort: Take Your Last Breath

Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books

In the second instalment of the wisecracking, code-breaking, all-round super spy Ruby Redfort’s adventures, our heroine is all at sea. Literally.

Ruby, Spectrum’s youngest secret agent, begins her adventure in a diving instruction class designed to help her survive underwater in dangerous situations. This training turns out to be very timely, because off the coast of Ruby’s home town, mysterious things are happening. There have been several reports of a strange whispering sound, and of indigo ink appearing in the water. Most frightening of all, there might be a giant sea creature waiting to attack anyone who dares enter the water. However, Ruby is fearless, and she won’t rest until the case is solved.
Kids who loved cracking codes in the first Ruby Redfort book will love the use of Morse Code in this one, as well as the extra information at the back of the book about Chime Melody musical code and Count Von Viscount’s static code. Another fabulous adventure with a genius of a girl protagonist, this is an ideal read for 10-12 year old boys and girls that are looking for something challenging yet super fun.

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