Roodica the Rude and the Famous Flea Trick

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A Roodica the Rude book

Publisher: Catnip

Princess Roodica is not gracious and well behaved like her sisters Foodica and Woodica, and certainly doesn't want to be nice to the bully Romans, much to her mother Queen Goodica's distress.

Faticus Guttus and his snotty son Copius Mucus think they can take anything they like from the Celts, but when they go a step too far and take Princess Woodica’s beautifully carved chair, Princess Roodica won’t let the rotten Romans get away with it and sets off with her trusty dog Fleabag to get it back.

This hilarious story about how the Celts stood up to the Romans will appeal to fans of Asterix.

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