Publisher: Owlet Press

Have you ever noticed a particularly sparkly planet in the night sky? If you have, it could be a very special planet where all sorts of different robots live. Just like people on Earth, grown-up robots look forward to growing their family with one or more robo-babies.

But not all robots can grow a family on their own and some robo-babies don’t have mummy and daddy robots to look after them. Luckily there are super clever and super kind robots who can help grow robo-babies in different ways and find robot parents for babies who need a home.

Surprisingly expressive, geometrical illustrations with a bold colour palette and unmistakeably space-derived backgrounds make this unusual picture book instantly appealing to young children. Blocky LCD-like font further emphasises the sci-fi theme and feel.

Although it can be perceived as simply an entertaining addition to a home or school library, Robo-Babies offers a clear, thoughtful, sensitive and accessible way to initiate conversations about premature birth, assisted conception, surrogacy and adoption and the strong emotions these can evoke. 

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