Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Situated in a crumbling mansion, rife with rumours of underground tunnels, ghosts and secret World War II experiments, Ribblestrop's pupils have ‘colourful’ backgrounds (including Columbian gangster’s son, Sanchez, Millie, the girl every other school has expelled, and some Himalayan orphans) - and the teachers are equally unconventional.

But unconventionality becomes terrifying when Millie uncovers sinister goings-on, and the pupils are forced to take on venomous headmistress, Miss Hazlitt and her dastardly allies...

There’s a wonderful, anarchic energy to this funny, pacey, action-packed novel; the teachers are crazy and the pupils irrepressibly resourceful. There are also fantastic football players and wonderfully nasty baddies. Every child’s fantasy school!

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