Rhinocorn Rules!

Publisher: Egmont

Ron looks the same as all the other rhinos, but he's different. He doesn’t enjoy following the antisocial, grumpy rules that all other rhinos seem to stick to very naturally. Instead Ron loves laughter and bright colours and feels full of joy. Life isn't much fun for Ron - until he finds a way to show everyone his true colours and embrace his inner ‘Rhinocorn’. The only trouble is the other rhinos are NOT happy about Ron’s transformation and how he’s broken all their rules.

This is a joyful book about being yourself, being creative, thinking outside the box, being a bit of a rebel if that’s what you want to do - and ripping up the rule book! Matt Carr’s illustrations bring the whole story to life in a glorious way, chronicling Ron’s journey from grey and dull, to a vibrant David Bowie style Rhinocorn. This funny story with a lovely message about being yourself is great fun and easy to read out loud. Older children can turn to the fascinating rhino facts at the end.

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