Publisher: Oxford University Press

When Chloe gains consciousness her decapitated head is watching from a shelf in her basement as her body is assembled by a teenage girl. She soon realises the teenage girl is the real Chloe and she is just a robotic replica, created to draw attention away from her human doppelganger, who is being stalked by a shadowy organisation. When the real Chloe is killed, her Replica has to find out why she was being followed if she wants to survive, as well as convince Chloe's parents, teachers, friends and girlfriend that she is human. Despite knowing all her memories and emotions are just downloaded data Chloe still feels an overwhelming attachment to those around her and she is determined not to let anything happen to them, no matter what the cost.

This is a great, high octane, YA thriller with a strong-willed female protagonist. The fear, sorrow and love felt by the characters is expertly written and draws the reader deep into a world of shady corporations, bribery and danger. It also raises the question, if we give a computer the ability to think, feel and love, can it still be called a machine?

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