Real Pigeons: Eat Danger

Publisher: Farshore

The legendary crime-fighting team, the Real Pigeons, is back and even more fearless than before. The superpowered, feathered protectors will even eat danger if it means saving the world from such evils as Struthio the criminal ostrich and the fiendish Mr Pie who wants to do unspeakable things to baby blackbirds.

But first the pigeons must solve the mystery of the bird-bottler. When Rock (a master of disguise) makes a shocking discovery (a spoonbill named Bill Spoon who is trapped in a bottle), he calls the Real Pigeons to action. And this time he has extra help from his best friend Trent, who is a twig, but may also be an unexpected secret weapon.

With an emphasis on teamwork, the three stories in this second outing for the Real Pigeons are divided into short chapters. At least as much illustration as text makes these books ideal for reluctant readers or youngsters wishing to develop reading confidence.

The complex black-and-white, comic-style graphics fizz with energy and sparkle with fun, while outlandish plots and clever interconnections give a satisfying (if unlikely!) completeness to the book.

A great book if you like solving mysteries, defeating baddies, and massive food fights.

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