Ready Rabbit?

Publisher: Hodder

Rabbit has been invited to a party but he’s not sure that he wants to go. He’s worried that there might be a spider in the bathroom, that it might be too loud, that a kid from school he doesn’t like might be there. Slowly, the narrator of the book manages to persuade Rabbit to go the party: after all, there will be music, dancing, games, prizes, cake and carrots!

When Rabbit does pluck up the courage to get ready and go to the party, there are all of those things and more – as well as an opportunity to be a supportive friend to someone else who isn’t keen to come out of their shell.

Fiona Roberton’s precise, cute and expressive artwork perfectly depicts the little anxious Rabbit who is brave enough to try something new and ends up having a fantastic time. This isn’t a book about serious anxiety per se, more about the usual nervousness little ones can have about new experiences, and reminds us that new things – especially parties – are usually lots of fun.

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