Raven Boy and Elf Girl: Fright Forest

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Publisher: Orion Children's Books

The first book in a magical new adventure series for younger readers from award-winning author Marcus Sedgwick, Fright Forest introduces us to dynamic duo Raven Boy and Elf Girl.

Our heroes meet on the run from a dastardly ogre who is trampling the forest, pulling up trees and destroying homes. The forest creatures are fleeing, and Elf Girl's family has disappeared. It soon becomes clear that it's down to Raven Boy and Elf Girl (plus a helpful rat) to find the Witch Who Knows Everything, who can tell them how to save the forest and defeat the ogre. The only problem is that to do this, they must venture into the very heart of the sinister and creepy Fright Forest.

It's a dangerous journey but thankfully they have some special powers to help them: Raven Boy can talk to animals (although Elf Girl isn't sure she believes him) and Elf Girl has her mother's magic bow (although she's not quite sure how to use it). Can Raven Boy and Elf Girl save the day?

This hugely entertaining and humorous story in Sedgwick's trademark gothic style will delight young readers. Perfectly blending the scary with the silly, we follow Raven Boy and Elf Girl as they bicker their way through their adventure, dealing with everything from hungry trolls and terrifying beasts to an unexpectedly unscary witch along the way. Pete Williamson's characterful black and white illustrations are a wonderful finishing touch.

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