Rashford Rules

Publisher: Welbeck

This highly illustrated biography, written using simple and engaging language, gives readers all the facts about footballer Marcus Rashford’s impressive career to date.

The graphic novel style and the low word count on each page make it an accessible book for younger or less confident readers. While this book will certainly appeal to football fans, it will also find a wide audience in the many children who first heard about Marcus Rashford through his 2020 campaign to continue free school meal provision through the school holidays. Quiet, serious and dedicated, Rashford impressed many as a great role model, as he spoke with honesty and intelligence about growing up in poverty.

This biography mixes factual text with humorous illustrations. The author and illustrator feature as a comedy double-act on the side-lines of the pages, which gives the book an added and welcome dimension. Rashford has gone on to throw his influence behind the promotion of reading for pleasure, and this book will certainly be a pleasure for many readers. It is likely to find a place in school and classroom libraries across the country. 

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