Radio Boy

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Publisher: HarperCollins

Spike dreams of two things: having his own real radio show and marrying Katherine Hamilton – and neither of them are looking very likely. DJ-ing on hospital radio might have been how all his heroes started out, but with just one listener (who left the radio on by accident), Spike gets the sack.

Undeterred and helped by his dad, Spike starts a radio show from his shed instead, under an anonymous identity, 'Radio Boy'.

A very funny book that will have tweens and upper primary school children in stitches, this is a perfect read for any child interested in music and tech.

However, as well as the laughs and expertise offered by O’Connell’s professional experience in radio (he presents the Breakfast Show on Absolute Radio), the story has real heart and well-rounded characters.

There is a message about the perils of overconfidence, but it’s done sensitively – this is, overall, a super fun read and not a worthy one.

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