Rabbit Bright

Publisher: Hachette Children's

Rabbit Bright brings together scientific facts about light with a reassuring tale about a rabbit conquering his fear of the dark. The combination makes for a story which satisfies on many levels.

Rabbit Bright is almost ready to turn his night-light off, but first he wants to find out more about light itself, so he sets off on a flying bicycle to explore the world and find out where light hides when he switches his lamp off.

The stunning illustrations, which contrast neon colour with black and deep blue backgrounds, will grab the attention of children and adults alike. There are plenty of humorous details to spot, such as the dinosaur fossils around an underground train. The technique of overlapping colours gives a sense of quivering energy to the pictures.

Successive pages take readers to a wide range of interesting places where light is found beyond all expectations, from neon-lit cities to bio-luminescent fish in the abyss and fire-flies in caves. The final illustration shows that Rabbit Bright has conquered his fears and can sleep peacefully.

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