Put Your Botty on the Potty

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Publisher: Pavilion

Little Moo Monster is not happy. He wants to be grown up, but he is still wearing a nappy. He decides that enough is enough - no more nappies for him! However he needs to be potty trained quickly, so he practises sitting on it… until finally, success! Now Moo is all ready to wear grown up pants and go to the Monster Pant Party with all his potty-trained friends.

Children will relate to Moo’s frustration of outgrowing the need of a nappy, and this entertaining story has a great underlying message of encouragement and support for toddlers everywhere. This silly and humorous life-the-flap book is ideal to read together when children are going through their own potty-training stage. They will especially enjoy the cheeky illustrations hidden under the flaps!

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