Professor Wooford McPaw’s History of Cars

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Publisher: Cicada Books

Professor Wooford McPaw, a cartoon dog who knows lots of things about cars, is the narrator of this extremely informative picture book about the development of the automobile. He describes what life was like before motorised transport and explains that cars were invented in stages, with early vehicles using springs, windmills and sails to propel them forwards.

He explores the development of different technologies, from steam power to the combustion engine, and highlights some key players in the car industry, such as Karl Benz, Henry Ford and Elon Musk. With sections on motor sport, alternative fuels and cars of the future, there is plenty to engage young readers.

The vibrant cartoon illustrations are crisp and humorous, and provide a wealth of visual information to complement the interesting text. There are diagrams to show how a car works, pictures of iconic vehicles and a page showcasing some of the weirdest cars of all time. This marvellous exploration of the history, design, engineering, technology and innovation of car-making is essential reading for any child with an interest in cars.

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