Professional Crocodile

Publisher: Chronicle Books

What does a crocodile do for a living? This delightfully unusual picture book explores that very question. We are invited to accompany Mr Crocodile on each and every stage of his morning routine and journey to work, before the book reveals the ingenious answer to its own question, with a satisfying twist.

With its warm story, infused with a wry humour, this is a book that turns expectations on their head, offering different layers of interpretation and enjoyment to suit different readers. While in some ways a fairly simple tale, and essentially wordless, its many delicate, stylish and nuanced illustrations present numerous opportunities to discuss questions and themes. Each frame offers plenty of amusing details to explore, whether individually or in a group setting.

A sophisticated yet accessible book that reminds us not to prejudge, but rather to examine, ask questions and to wonder at the world around us. 

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