Poppy Goes Wild

Publisher: Little Steps Publishing

When Poppy stays at her grandpa’s farm, she listens to his tales of the old days – when otters raced each other in the river, when you could spot peregrine falcons above and when the meadows were full of wild flowers. Yet, none of those animals can be found on the farm anymore because of the use of pesticides and modern farming techniques. Inspired by some research on rewilding, Poppy inspires grandpa to make some changes and welcome nature back to the farm, with marvellous results.

This charming book with full colour, whole page illustrations from Becca Hall will delight young nature enthusiasts and especially those who are interested in conservation. Rewilding seems much in vogue nowadays, and while this is a story, it’s also a pretty detailed guide to how the approach works to increase natural biodiversity. A lovely and very educational read for fans of Nicola Davies and David Attenborough.

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