Polly’s Pink Pyjamas

Publisher: Walker Books

All Polly ever wears is her fabulous pink pyjamas – she can’t get enough of them! But when Fred invites her to his party she has to assemble a party outfit.

Luckily, Polly's good friends are on hand to lend her a dress, a cardigan, some socks and a pair of shoes but when she tries them all on and looks in the mirror....disaster! Just as Polly has given up hope and is feeling totally despondent, a simple telephone call puts everything right as she finds out that her invitation is to a pyjama party.

Bold, bright and cheery illustrations enhance Polly's journey through a potentially upsetting day to an unexpectedly positive conclusion.

This perfectly pink book recognises a young child’s attachment to a favourite possession, and Sue Heap’s colourful illustrations celebrate the concept of friends and happy times.

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