Polly Bee Makes Honey

Publisher: Scallywag Press

This colourful picture book fuses factual information and fictional narrative to present a day in the life of Polly, a worker bee. Polly lives in a hive with her sisters and each day, she goes in search of nectar and pollen. She sucks liquid nectar from colourful meadow flowers and deposits it into the hive’s distinctive honeycomb structure, where it thickens into delicious, golden honey. Polly also collects fine pollen from the flowers in baggy baskets on her back legs, which is used to feed baby bees.

A game at the end of the book encourages readers to match the words with the pictures to find out more information about the bees. They will discover the essential role bees play in our food production and learn what they can do to protect these important insects.

This is one of a series of books that aims to teach children where their food comes from. The simple, bold illustrations are attractive and informative, and there’s just the right level of detail to enable young people to understand how a jar of honey is produced. 

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