Planet Omar: Incredible Rescue Mission

Publisher: Hodder

Mrs Hutchinson is the best teacher in the universe. She’s the only reason Omar isn’t in a really bad mood about the start of the new school term. So imagine the trauma of finding a fierce, crinkly-faced supply teacher, with spiky heels and a personality to match, has replaced Mrs H at the front of the classroom.

None of the other teachers will say where she is so Omar and his friends, Daniel and Charlie, decide they have to investigate. As they collect their evidence, everything seems to point to one unlikely conclusion: Mrs Hutchinson has been abducted by aliens!

Black and white illustrations and fabulous use of font and formatting maintain the high energy levels as the boys’ alien-fuelled plot bounces along. Be ready for an alien cat with a malfunctioning fur disguise, irrefutable signs of an alien landing and a spectacular Pakistani wedding that shows no evidence of alien involvement but is great fun all the same.

Omar and his friends are distinct individuals with their own opinions and cultural influences but, rather than being a problem, their differences give the friendship real depth and make them a great team.

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