Pizzasaurus Rex

Publisher: ONI Press


Jeremy Duderman is a talented scientist but often the butt of jokes. When he invents a Reality Alternative Dimensionator, a door to another realm opens and in comes Rex Ratitude, a pizza-loving, skateboarding guitarist, and the gorgeous, long-legged Lexi.

Hot on their heels is Emperor Buzzkill who seeks world domination, relying on Sergeant Surge and dim-witted zombies to do his dirty work. Rex, Jeremy and Lexi take on the Emperor in battle but still find time to play ball, party and be totally rad along the way... Well, except dreary Jeremy, who refuses to join in the fun.

But as the zombies set aside their bickering and Lexi is taken hostage in Bad Guy Lair, Jeremy must dig deep for awesomeness to save his friends and the universe.

Cool kids will be not be disappointed with this American comic, which offers loud, unadulterated fun from start to finish. The fast pace offers constant laughs – a mix of clever one-liners and morbid humour.

Although some of the characters rely a little too much on stereotypes (“hot” Lexi and the nerdy Jeremy), the classic elements of a superb comic are all there to make this a page-turning, laugh-out-loud adventure for the over-10s.

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