Pizazz vs the New Kid

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Pizazz, the adorable sarcastic superhero who hates her own superpower, returns in this zany comic-strip style sequel.

Pizazz is used to being the only Super in her school – it’s a bit exhausting, especially as mean Serena and her gang of Populars keep making fun of her. So when a new student arrives, who is ALSO a Super, Pizazz is determined to take the new kid under her wing. Who better to make friends with a Super than another Super?

But things don’t quite go to plan – and instead of making best friends with new kid Jett, Pizazz finds herself pitted against her in a Super-off battle to impress the meanest girls in school.

Hilarious characters such as Serena and the Populars, Freddie Hayes (who can eat fifteen yoghurts in a single lunchtime), and Pizazz’s super Uncle Titanoooooo (with that many O’s) appear in Sophy Henn’s stylish black and white pop-art illustrations. This is a fabulous read for 6-8 year olds with a strong message about not giving people the power to upset you, and may work as a good gateway into chapter books for children who are growing out of their picture books.

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Author: Sophy Henn

Meet Pizazz - a superhero who hates her superpower! Sophy Henn’s new illustrated adventure aimed at younger to middle-primary school aged readers is perfect for fans of her previous series Bad Nana, with the same level of illustration and zany text throughout. 

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Bad Nana: That’s Snow Business

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