Pizazz vs The Demons

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

9 and a half year old Pizazz is simply super. No, really – she’s a superhero. In fact, her whole family is! But while her mum, dad, grandparents and little sister all have cool powers like shooting lasers from their eyes or making fireballs, Pizazz’s power is… jazz hands which create a glitter storm.

When evil baddie Copycat makes five not-so-super copies of Pizazz, it’s up to our hero to defeat them all – but each copy is a different one of her demons, from Lazy Pizazz to Worried Pizazz. How on Earth can she defeat all five of her demons alone? She might need some help from some friends with no super-powers at all…

The latest hilarious comic-style instalment in Pizazz’s adventures for newly independent readers is full of quirky fun, and grown-ups reading it aloud with children are bound to adore it too. There are loads of brilliant visual puns (Bernard the Hamster and her four copies – one of which keeps giving the stink-eye – is a recurring joke) and there are strong, smart messages about how we can overcome our own demons with compassion for ourselves and other people. Pizazz is a witty, relatable character, and there’s lots for children to identify with in her worries and fears (plus, her passion for hair bobbles and black nail polish).

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