Pirate Blunderbeard: Worst. Pirate. Ever.

Publisher: Harper Collins

It's January and Pirate Blunderbeard has a plan. This year, he is going to become the most ferocious pirate ever, conquer his fear of fish, stop biting his nails, beat his brilliant brother Blackbeard at something, and become rich and famous. He is NOT going to sink his ship and set fire to his trousers like last year.

But disaster strikes when Mum enters him in the Pirate of the Year Award. First, he has to walk the plank with a parrot perched on his shoulder. Or a chicken, in Blunderbeard's case. With treasure hunting, kraken wrestling and cannonball firing to come, life gets very challenging.

The funny fictional debut from acclaimed picture book author Amy Sparkes, with comical illustrations by Ben Cort, features an endearing hero who is much better at making cupcakes than being a pirate!

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