Philosophy for Beginners

Publisher: Usborne

What exactly is philosophy and why does it matter? As this book shows, philosophy is essentially about asking questions – questions about the world around us and the way we think about things – and trying to answer them. Not every question is a philosophical one, but many are, especially the big ones, e.g. what is art? Does fate exist? How can we create equality?

Philosophy for Beginners introduces the main concepts of philosophy, how to think and argue philosophically, and what it all means. Why does it matter? Well, it gives you good thinking tools, and those can help solve problems, whether big meaning-of-life ones or those equally important everyday ones.

The two main tools of philosophy are covered: thought experiments and how to make good (or ‘sound’) arguments; and these are then demonstrated throughout the rest of the book by unpicking some of the classic questions and topics that philosophy can help us try to answer. Ethics, identity, the concept of time and the ‘mind-body’ problem are a few of the topics covered. It’s written clearly and has engaging graphics.

Excellent for deep thinkers, for those who are forever questioning the world around them, and for anyone wanting to improve their debating skills.

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