Penny Dreadful is a Magnet for Disaster

Publisher: Usborne

Penelope Jones is known as Penny Dreadful, thanks to her father. She has some very good ideas, they just don’t usually work out the way she planned and her boundless enthusiasm always lands her in awkward situations, such as giving her cousin an impromptu haircut with Dad’s razor, adopting an ‘abandoned’ dog, and somehow releasing the locusts from the tank at school just as the school inspector arrives.

This book contains three Penny Dreadful adventures. There are lots of amusing pictures with highlighted and capitalised text bubbles to enhance the fast pace and humour. The stories are very funny with Penny getting deeper and deeper into scrapes while all the time her intentions are innocent, something many children and indeed adults will find familiar. Boys as well as girls will race through these stories giggling all the way!

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