Penny Dreadful Causes a Kerfuffle

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Publisher: Usborne Publishing

The likable Penny Dreadful (really called Penelope Jones) is back in this second installment of her chaotic adventures.

According to her Gran, Penny is a MAGNET FOR DISASTER. Which probably explains why she is blue all over, as is her best friend Cosmo, her sister Daisy's swan outfit and her mum's best tablecloth.

When Penny has her first brilliant idea, which is that she and Cosmo will do their best and try to help, calamity and catastrophe are both definitely on the agenda. The duo turns all the washing pink and the vacuum cleaner explodes like Krakatoa, filling the house with bubbles. And that's just the beginning…

Three hilarious Penny Dreadful stories and a list of Penny's Top Tips for Survival provide lots of laughter for sharing or reading alone.

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