Penny and the Little Lost Puppy

Publisher: Walker Books

Dad says Penny will feel better about the new house once she has unpacked her things but she misses her friends and doesn’t see how unpacking will help. But when a little smudgy dog appears in the garden, Penny plays with it for hours and hopes it will be back the next day.

When the dog doesn’t come back, Dad distracts her with an outing to explore the town and, although they don’t spot the dog, each of the shopkeepers has a little gift for Penny that cheers her up. And when they get home, the best gift of all is waiting to surprise them!

Penny’s story of mixed feelings when moving house will be familiar to many youngsters, as will her experiences of settling in, making new friends and being cared for by her dad as a sole parent.

The excitement of investigating a new place to live is captured in dazzling, intricate illustrations which offer readers plenty to look at and discuss. Eagle-eyed youngsters might even catch a glimpse of Penny’s doggie playmate amidst the bustle of her trip to town.

A charming tale of the magic of puppy-power and how a house becomes a home.

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