Penguin’s Big Adventure

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Intent on being the first of his kind to set foot (flipper) on previously un-penguined ground, Penguin resolves to take on his biggest adventure to date.

Armed with his trusty map and knapsack, Penguin is waved off by his nearest and dearest friends and family. He embarks on an ambitious landmark voyage, covering countries far and wide, old and new. But has little Penguin bitten off just a bit more than he can chew? And even if he does reach his dream destination - what or who will be there to meet him?

Penguin's Big Adventure is a story of determination, discovery, friendship and facing your fears.

In this beautifully illustrated and brightly coloured picture book, Salina Yoon continues to chart Penguin's charming travels in this fifth title in the series of Penguin books, which celebrate difference and learning about others.

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