Nuts in Space

Publisher: Nosy Crow


The crew of the Forest Fleet's finest starship are celebrating. After a long, hard journey, they have found the Lost Nuts of Legend. According to myth, the bearer of this mythical snack will be immortal, invincible, and never will it be past their bedtime. Now all they have to do is go home...

The problem is that they've run out of food and everyone is starving. Plus the Star Nav has broken, someone has eaten the map, and there's no help to be found from any of the nearby planets - especially not from the evil monkeys on the Death Banana. Will they ever manage to get the Lost Nuts of Legend back home?

Fans of Elys Dolan's first book, Weasels, will love this second offering: a fun intergalactic caper packed with similarly silly humour. There are a wealth of funny details for sharp-eyed young reader to spot in each page spread - and adults will especially relish the host of tongue-in-cheek references to Star Trek and Star Wars which pepper the pages.

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